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5 hacks that will make your Bathroom worth more money!

Baths. Investing in a bathroom remodel yields a staggering $3 to $1, on average, but you’ve got to do it right. Many homebuyers are looking for a master bathroom with two sinks, custom showers, and great lighting. You’ll turn off buyers if you only put in the minimal amount of work. “A lot of folks, when they buy a home, don’t want to have put a lot of work into it,” An outdated bathroom requires a lot of work.” Since bathrooms are especially prone to looking dated, pick neutral colors and finishings.
Also consider bumping out the size of a bathroom. Many buyers looking for a three-bedroom home want two full baths rather than one full and one half bath

Consider the following tips for remodeling with resale in mind:

Talk to real estate professionals. Check out comparable homes in your area. How many bathrooms do they have? Do you need to add a half or full bath to be competitive? Talk to realtors and find out what bathroom features turn on buyers.
Think timeless. Choose neutral colors for a clean look that will last a long time and can be personalized with accessories (towels, etc.).
Add some ‘wow!’ We’re talking wow within reason. For example, if you are already planning on replacing the bathroom floor, you can spend about $600 on radiant heat floor mats that can be positioned as a real luxury attraction to home buyers. “Buyers will remember the bathroom with the heated floors—it gives them an emotional tie,” Snyder says. Also, hand showers are convenient, cost-effective and an upgrade compared to the traditional shower head.
Accessorize. A fast, effective refresh in the bathroom can involve simply switching out towels, replacing a dowdy shower curtain and including an interesting eye-catching piece such as a beautiful vase. Even the way necessities are arranged can make a difference. Roll towels and place them in neat rows on an open shelf. Keep clutter off the vanity countertop.
But how much should you spend?
“I tell clients if you do a complete gut of a bathroom down to the studs and rebuild from the ground up, you are going to spend $8,000 to $15,000, depending on what [features] you put into it,” Perrin says.
Is that too much? “The kitchen and bathroom sell a house,” says Ken Perrin, president, Artistic Renovations, Cleveland, Ohio. “And most people buy the most expensive home they can afford. So they don’t want to buy a house with a kitchen or bathroom that need to be worked on. That emotional tie is with the house where the kitchen and bathroom are in good condition.”

1). Convert your tub to a walk in shower:
If you’re thinking of converting your bathtub to a shower, you’re in good company. The American Institute of Architects says that the tub-less bathroom is growing in popularity.
Its annual Home Design Trends Survey found that more than 60% of homeowners preferred a stall shower without a tub in 2013. Compare that to 49% in 2012, the first year they specifically surveyed about tub-less bathrooms.
However, there’s a caveat: Even if you only use your tub to wash the mini-blinds, most real estate agents are adamant about having at least one bathtub in your house to preserve marketability.
A recent Houzz poll agrees, with 58% of respondents claiming, “you’ll never sell that house without a tub.”
The conclusion? Go ahead and convert your old tub or tub/shower combo into a cool, walk-in shower, as long as one other bathroom in your house has a tub for tasks such as bathing small children.
2). Install a frameless shower door:
Framed shower doors tend to look bulky because the edges are covered in rubber, metal or some other form of a seal.
Frameless shower doors don’t have those eyesore additions, giving the shower a clean, fresh look.
“It’s a beautiful solution,” says Chris Dearborn, marketing specialist with Oasis Shower Doors in Avon, Connecticut. “It’s minimal. It’s pure glass. It’s almost like a fish tank, instead of having any kind of heavy frame or gasketing that you see with semi-frameless or fully framed.”
If your bathroom remodel includes a beautiful, intricate shower tile design, the frameless glass shower door can also help to showcase it.
3). Smart Storage:
Practical storage will never go out of style. Whenever possible, take advantage of vertical space and take your cabinetry up the wall. If built-in cabinetry isn’t an option, incorporate an interesting or antique piece of furniture. Open shelving is still a popular trend that can also be quite practical in the bathroom.
4). Lighting:
A bathroom is the perfect place to get a little daring in your design choices. Try a set of unusual sconces, an ornate chandelier or a set of funky pendants. A variety of lighting offers practical and decorative advantages.
5).Heated Floors
Sometimes luxury can come in the form of a little extra-added warmth. Warm toes and a warm towel can make all the difference on a cold winter’s morning. Radiant floor heat is energy efficient because the heat is touching your body, warming you from the bottom up.
When deciding on remodeling your bathroom there are plenty of options to be sure. Getting a pre fab plastic shower from a major "bath fitting" company is going to run on average $5,000 more than getting a ceramic, marble or porcelain option with custom features. Give us a call today and compare before you decide to remodel your bathroom. visit our wesite at for more pics and call/text us for a free quote 205-422-1758

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